Land Dance  
site specific dance projects and research, exploring our connection to the land, in Denmark, U.K. and Spain


Land Dance
site specific dance and music, performances in historic and nature locations, touring Denmark and Italy.


Dance Sail
sailing performance and research project, w ship ‘Hawila’ in Danish waters and harbours, on tour in Denmark

events, talks, concerts and performance, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dance Walk

site specific dance- project, Copenhagen


Turning the Tide
sailing performance and climate activist manifest in Aarhus and Copenhagen harbours, Denmark

Dance Nomads
site specific dance- and film project, Bahia, Brazil


collaborative event featuring more than a hundred labs, talks, performances and concerts, Copenhagen, Denmark

(w Ressonansias da danca)
site specific dance- performance and film project, central Brazil


Fragt (w Aarhus Theatre)
site specific theatre and dance performance in the industrial harbour of Aarhus, Denmark

Water Dances
underwater dance film and music project,  Andaman Islands / India

Earth Dances
collaborating w local and international artists, dancers, musicians and schools, Senegal


Dance Territory #1
site specific dance performance and exchange, featuring dancers and musicians from Burkina Faso, Denmark

Sailing City
nomadic performance series on sailing ship, dance meets climate activism, site specific, Denmark

Dance Research
improvisation and water dance, in collaboration w Conscious Flow and Auroville, India, The Sanctuary and C.I. festival, Thailand


Sufi Science
site specific dance performances series featuring Indian modern dancers and musicians, Copenhagen

Laguna Dances
underwater dance film and performances, Quintana Ro, Mexico

Orb Habitat
permanent site specific light installation, for Ørestaden, Denmark


Ouagadougou Dances
site specific dance performances w. West African artists, Copenhagen

Dance Situation
performances and concerts for Ponderosa Tanzland and Gottingen festival, Germany

Sufi Dances
site specific performance and concert series, Goa, India


site specific performance and concert series, Copenhagen

The Bridge
site specific aerial dance performance, Ponderosa International dance festival, Germany

performance installation, Ponderosa International dance festival, Germany

co-creator, dance and concert events, San Francisco, US

Burkina Faso
site specific dance performances and film, Ouagadougou, West Africa

Homeless Body
artist in residence, choreographic research, Kunststoff, San Francisco, US


Battle of Copenhagen
large scale site specific event in Copenhagen Harbor, featuring 100 double basses, historical sailing ships, drag queens, canons and dancers at sea.

Ibiza Dances
site specific event in the old city of Ibiza town, Spain

100 Dancers Warsawa
site specific dances and international dancers meeting in Warsaw, Poland

installation art for urban spaces, featuring the ORB water light project for Copenhagen Harbor


Lava Dances
film- and photo shoot on live volcanos

Electric Love Storm
international composers lab and concerts, Copenhagen, Denmark

100 Dancers
large scale site specific events in Denmark, Spain and Germany, incl. launch of new international dancers and choreographers network

Inner Rockstar, 4th edition
performance installation, Ponderosa, Germany

Dancing on the Castle
site specific performance featuring 90 dancers on historic medieval castle in Catalonia.

Utah Dances
film and photo shoot on in the grand wilderness of the Canyonlands

Water Dancers
dance and music events, and water dance research project, India


co-designing interactive urban furniture for public spaces, Denmark

dance installation in river, Stolzenhagen, Germany

Ponderosa Residency 
‘Inner Rockstar’ labs, installations and P.O.R.C.H. performance projects, Germany

Bedroom Rockstar 
audience interactive installation /performance /concert, Schwelle 7, Berlin

research project around the worlds largest religious gathering, Kumbh Mela, North India

Underwater Dance Expeditions
water dancers lab and dance/music events, South India 


Crane Ballet
dance installation and event in and around 60m crane, Nakskov Harbor, Denmark

Køge Søger Havn
large scale event and dance installations in Køge Harbor, Denmark

Helsing Øre+Øjne
large scale event and dance installations in Elsionore Harbor, Denmark

Submarine Ballet
large scale floating harbor performance, Copenhagen Harbor, Denmark

North Water
dance performance, site specific, Ponderosa Tanzland, Germany


Water Art
event and installations, Maribosøerne, Denmark

Plant Beats 
concert/event, Botanical Garden, Copenhagen

Ponderosa Lab
dance + music research /events, A.I.R., Berlin area

Half Machine 08
art installations, dance installations, concert, performance, North Harbor and ‘Docken’, Copenhagen

Explosion Village
multiple art installations area, Roskilde Festival, Denmark

8 bit Traffic
art installation, CPH ADD, Copenhagen

international dance conference, Copenhagen


Inner rockstar 100.998 seconds
event room and performance installation, Schwelle 7, Berlin

Teknoficeret regnskovsutopi
concert/event in botanical Garden w. Tobi Twang, Copenhagen

M/S Half Machine
Live Art Installations, international dance, installations, concert, performance, Copenhagen

Ponderosa Events
workshops and performances A.I.R, Ponderosa, Berlin

Medusae Nilfisk
light/fire installation, Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Globe Dances /research
dance film production, California

dance installation, Installer Festival, Rome, Italy


Half Machine Café
International event and P@rt showcase, art installations, dance performances, concerts, Grey Hall, Copenhagen

Stream flower (co prod.)
site specific dance performance, Norberg Festival, Sweden

Ponderosa concerts & performances
dance festival, Berlin

Half Machine 06
International Art Event, art installations, dance performances, concerts, w. 150 artists, Grey Hall, Copenhagen

Decameron (co prod.)
art installations and concerts, O301, Amsterdam


Klassisk Eksperiment (co prod.)
dancer, singer, Rundetårn, Copenhagen

Scenekunst Manifest (co prod.)
dance perfomance, installations & concert, Prøvehallen Copenhagen

Stream Flower (co prod.)
dance performance, Ridehuset Århus & Turbinehallerne

Contact Laboratory
choreographic research, Dock 11, Berlin

Superrouter (production Kerstin Kussmaul)
choreographer assistant, Konzerthaus, Vienna

Contact Research
contact improvisation and tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Half Machine Music
live recordings m. Andreas Bennetzen, Åsmund Boye Kverneland & Half Machine group

Half Machine 04
International Art Event, art installations, dance performances, concerts,
w. 150 artists, Grey Hall, Copenhagen

Underwater Dancing
international dance research project, Auroville, India


Dance Ground -unlimited area which may or may not contain objects
dance performance / dance playground, Cell Space, San Francisco

The War between Robots and Angels
aerial dance performance for  Burning Man, Nevada, also in Cell Space, San Francisco and Grey Hall, Copenhagen

1/2 Machine
international art event, art installations, dance performances, concerts, w. 150 artists, Grey Hall, Copenhagen

Ultimate Go Go Experience
site specific dance performance, Findhorn, Scotland

Nijinsky Brothers
dance interlude, Gut Stoltzenhagen, Berlin


Lullaby for a Robot
installation art, concert & solo performance, Byens Lys, Copenhagen

Porcelaensnatten (produced by Wilma Version)
art event by Helle Fuglsang – dancing with Royal Danish Porcelain, Copenhagen

Sorry the number you’ve dialed has been disconnected
Supernova record release (Universal), Denmark

Popformance w. band Supernova
concert dance events, Store Vega and Train, Denmark

Geisha (produced by Geisha)
guest star with band Geisha, album release & concerts, Denmark


Miss Liberty
dance performance w. robot & angel, Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco

Mystique Family Circus & Keith Hennesy group (produced by various MFC, KH, Cellspace)

dancer in various dance performances, San Francisco

The Y knot project (co prod.)
site specific dance performances w. Frank Willens, Los Angeles

Whip dances + Wing people
dance performance for Burning Man, Nevada

Psychotic Cyberpunks on Acid and Mushrooms
performance theater at Den Anden Opera, Copenhagen

Heart concerts
concerts series w. J.B., guitar & piano, San Francisco


Wing Girl + Flower Girl
Dance event/installations for Burning Man Events in San Francisco and Nevada

Body Cartography performance series (concept Body Carthography, with permission)

Burning Man, dancer and documentary
documenting art & performance festival in Black Rock Desert, w. filmmaker Nick Day

Year 3000 + Maria Magdalena + Nummer + On/Off
dance performances at Dansescenen, Copenhagen

Par Terre
dance performance w. Karina Elver, Dansescenen, Copenhagen


Supernova concerts and performances
in Denmark + recording album Year 3000 + music video’s Defense, Lose Something, Outside + concert program for TV Stop, Denmark


RUN – art space and production house
artistic director, Copenhagen


Supernova concerts and performances
release of album Leave a Message, Virgin Records & music video’s Gold & Moonlight Lover, Denmark, New York, Stockholm

dance research in Indonesia


solo singer for art event in Copenhagen

Sonata for two machineguns
composer for Juri Zardock Company, Denmark

Supernova tour
release of album Call Now (AGM) & music video Illusion, concerts and performances for Electronic Café, Aarhus Musikhus, Denmark, Holland, Paris, New York

Pipaluk – Ice Flow
16mm dance film shot in GreenlandDet Danske Videovœrksted, Filmhuset, film festivals

w. Steve Hubback, Helle Fuglsang and Supernova, multimedia performance for Hvidovre

Swimming pool dances
dance event w. wedding dresses and swimming pool, Hvidovre


jam club for musicians, video artist and dancers, Copenhagen

Lady Like
multimedia performance and video installation in public bath house directed by Helle Fuglsang, Copenhagen

Vild Søndag
performance series, concerts and dance improvisations at RUN

video installation in Abel Cathrinesgade, Copenhagen & Aarhus Media Center

Land Shapes
solo & dance video w. choreographer Ralph Grant at RUN

dance event on Copenhagen bridges w. students from Dramaskolen

solo performance & lecture demonstration for Ministry of Health, Copenhagen


Stone Ballet
dance performance, video installation & dance video co directed by Helle Fuglsang in Royal Library Garden, Dancin’ City Festival, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Dream House
multimedia theatre and dinner cabaret at RUN art house, Copenhagen

Must Unite
dance performance, touring Denmark

Mulige ekkoer
dance performance and video w. choreographer Ralph Grant at Husets Teater, Copenhagen

Opening Event
for Fiolteatret, Copenhagen


dance performance and dance video production w. Steve Hubback and giant gongs in Ridehuset, Aarhus


Candy Woman in Killing Song
solo performance playing in France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and USSR

Miss Universe
various performances, events & video art films w. Jessica Nielson, Copenhagen

Art events in train stations and street for Next Stop Sovjet, touring 13 cities in the USSR.

Connection 2
dance performance w. Ralph Grant in Kings Garden, Dancin’ City Festival Copenhagen

fashion work
choreographer and dancer for fashion shows in Denmark and Germany


Woman with red guitar
street performances and concerts, Paris

Plague Opera
performance research labatories, Paris

design of costumes and jewellery
for galleries and Louis Feraud, Paris *

model + dancer f
or fashion shoots and shows, Paris

Albert & Claudette
comedy street performances w. Helle Fuglsang, Paris

Days (produced by Days)
w. Jean Jaques, concerts and recordings, Paris


Ou est la Mer
dance performances w. Panter Sülfo Dance Theater, touring Holland, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, France, Avignon Festival

Final Event
site specific for Festival of Fools, Langelinie, Copenhagen

Jumping from the bridges (Det er strålende)
dance performance and site specific events for Festival of Fools, Copenhagen Harbor

Røde alger som flyder i store sammenhængende masser i Sargassohavet
dance performance w. Panter Sülfo, teater ‘Københavneren’ og Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen


Nielsen, Hansen & Rasmussen
performer in comedy circus for children

girl punk band, Copenhagen


performance art and art films
w. Værkstedet Værst & Christian Lemmerz, Copenhagen